We are the craft coffee roaster on the North Shore (in Vancouver, BC). We only source high-quality green coffee beans (scored 88+ out of 100) from around the world and perform small batch roasts to ensure tailored results and freshness of the cup.  

Every week we select beans from different origins, regions, farms, and altitude for customers to explore the world of coffee and to satisfy the wide variety of coffee lovers tastes. It is not unusual for us to have 10 or more different beans on rotation at our bars. Stop by one of our locations to try it yourself.

At Kanuck.Coffee we use a computerized small batch roasting machine and thorough personal control methods to make sure we consistently deliver coffee with its best characteristics enhanced. Every batch is tested carefully the next day and, if we love it, immediately packed.

Our most popular products are subscription based coffee beans deliveries, where, based on the taste preferences and brewing techniques, we deliver fresh roasts of your choice right to your door.