Ethiopia Guji Dimtu (natural)

Ethiopia Guji Dimtu (natural)

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  • Producer: Small Lot Producers
  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Region: Odo Shakiso, Guji Zone
  • Cultivar: Mixed Heirloom
  • Process: Natural
  • Elevation: 1800 - 2125 MASL
  • Harvest: January 2019
  • Notes: Chocolate, Black Currant, Vanilla

This Guji has a great boozy fruit character and good body to it. There is a deep rich almost dark chocolate notes with a cherry liqueur character. Great as a brewed coffee or fruity espresso.

Coffees from Guji are finally receiving the credit they deserve, having sat in the shadow of the more famous Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions. Guji is located in the Oromio Region at around 1850 - 1950 m.a.s.l. using the Heirloom varietals. The Dimtu washing station is a relatively new station in the Hambela Wamena district. It is owned by Aklilu Kassa and operated by his son, Biniyam Aklilu, and sits within the beautiful Guji forest. 

Smallholder farmers bring their ripe cherries to the washing station where the coffee is sorted and washed. This is a Natural process lot which is where the coffee is kept within the outer cherry and sun-dried on raised African beds and patios.