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Iced VS Cold VS Nitro Coffee. But what is the difference?

With the third wave and specialty coffee, the cold variety has become its own category with a roster of options that seemingly requires a degree to fully understand. From iced cappuccinos to iced macchiatos, coffee shops now offer a dizzying variety of cold coffee-based beverages. Even if not considering an espresso drink or a something-ccino, there is still a decision to be made between iced coffee; its pricier cousin, cold brew; and maybe even a nitro. But what is the difference? Before getting into coffee “hobby”, I was equally baffled by the complex iced coffee taxonomy. But after spending tons of time (and money) experimenting, I became more familiar than ever wanted to be with what goes into each glass...

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Coffee Origin

You want to buy delicious roasted coffee, but purchasing what you like can be tricky, especially with so much information displayed on the label. When you see a washed light roast of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in one hand and a pulped naturally dry processed Full City roast of Yellow Bourbon from Brazil in the other, you start to wonder: what is the difference between these coffees? and, more importantly, how are you supposed to know which one you want?

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